Cruel Journal

Since the ability to upload community content seized, I’ve decided to make a cruel world with a random seed name, and see how long it is possible for me to survive and provide pictures of my tamed land, along the way. It’s nothing fancy or anything but the world journal’s first entry will be a few days (game days) into the game. Hope the ability to upload again will happen but kaalus is not very predictable.

Sorry for the wait. Again

I have been ill recently , but still polishing and polishing . Somedays I didn’t work on it at all, of course I won’t give you an excuse but this world will be completed soon. I know I promise “soon” too much but I just can’t release a unfinished map. Now , I have finished the economics of the world being 

Imports:  Annunakii- Wood , Cotton , Wheat. 

Savvien- Coal , Weapons , Kegs

Queshar- Fish , Clay ,Domestic Animals (spawn eggs) 

(Destroyed empire) Lichenora- Saltpeter , Fish , and another undecided resource.. 

Ex: Going to a empire and their import being wheat , wheat would be cheap within those walls. Exports being opposite of course.

For all those waiting i am very sorry. On the bright side kaalus has 1.27 in the works .

On hold

The world of “empires” has been on hold for a number of reasons. I can’t work evenly on the map and my Vine account, for vine is a race for fame. But if your interested to see my work on vine, the name is TillerLaw

Sorry for the wait

(Pic- “empire of Savvien”) Been busy these past few days with the house, moving. Havnt really got around to the map, but I promise I will get on it asap. I’m honestly hoping for a update from kaalus, so if there are any new items ,I can find a way to adapt them to the world. Also, when this map touches community content. Please I mean please don’t try and turn it into something it isn’t. My world is not intended to be a “wannabe multiplayer” mode. One more thing is , I want to know what can be improved and/or needs looked over. Thanks


World economy born

After thinking about how to make a simple but effective economy based world in each city, figuring out the easiest way to do it is by having each empire base off of various resources. Each empire will have 3 exports and 3 imports. Exports will be cheap within the city but expensive anywhere else, and imports being more expensive within the city and less from its original origin, vise versa. Though the economy I added does more than wager prices on items but it helps with story, immersion, some faction missions, empire jobs, and the whole RPG aspect.

(Hope I am using the “export” and “import” correctly, I feel they could be backwards)